So here is the part where i bang on about what new thing i can’t seem to get off/leave alone/stop saying etc. So…this weeks…..

GAME: ok…it’s the one and only Perfect Dark on XBox Live. I downloaded it last week for only a few measly points and now a college obsession has come back to haunt me like crabs. I just can’t leave the damned game alone….after completing the original game for the Nintendo 64 on perfect agent and getting everything for it, I saw it with souped up graphics, but original sounds and gameplay that made me an open mouthed TV glued zombie for months…on XBOX?!Seeing as I was the best on Goldeneye out of all of my friends I wanted a change of pace and accepted new challenges.
So thus sprung the same gameplay but new weapons, story, levels and characters from the same people(the fuckin’ legends that be RareWare)and obviously my new favourite game.
FAST FORWARD 10years and I’m kickin ass on it again, but…my memory of most of the levels have all but been wiped from my brain, i was like a vegetable trying to learn to walk…It was infuriating…I’ve done this shit before…Why can’t I now….so nowi am at the state of being amateur but 5 achievements in my belt and some funny multiplayer moments I am working on reclaiming my crown!

Motto: ‘turn a stumbling block into a stepping stone!’. The one and only Bruce Lee!!! WATAAAAAH fuckers!

Film: planes, trains and automobiles!! Oneof the best films out there….amazingly funny, cute and feel good in a way you don’t feel ashamed about.

Habit: chewing my lip again….gottastop…or they’ll look like Mick Jaggers.

Music: Songof the moment is ZZ tops La grange…amazing riffs…and still amazing on guitar hero ahahahhahha!!!